Happy New Year 2018!

As we start the New Year 2018, I reflect on the successes of 2017.  As I pause to think of the accomplishments we have achieved in Dallas ISD, I recall the cooperative and collaborative way success was more achievable.

The new year will bring opportunities for new ideas and hopes for us to build a great future for students in Dallas ISD.  Along with all the new hopes and promises that the new year will bring, I hope it also brings us many more opportunities to work together for Dallas ISD.

Continued success will come in this New Year to those who are prepared for it.  Let’s keep moving forward, and always having the courage to meet new challenges.  Triumph over our vices and embrace our virtues.  I predict even more successes for Dallas ISD.

In the New Year 2018, seize opportunities for new successes, prepare for new plans, entertain new efforts, feast on new feelings, count on new commitments, aspire as you aim, develop your dreams, and believe Dallas ISD students and educators will achieve.

I am proud to represent District 5 on the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees.  Our best is yet to come!

Happy New Year 2018!


About Lew Blackburn

Dr. Lew Blackburn represents District 5 on the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees.